Joke bluescreen c joke

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Joke bluescreen c joke

Rosa la Rumorosa Rose the Rumor Girl: DVD extras[ edit ] DVD extras include a quiz, mock pages from Ceefax , an alternative "Birds of Britain" feature, the Scary Picture, which features a comically large succession of screens making sure the viewer actually wants to view it, then suddenly showing it at the same time as hearing a male scream, which is shown without the scream in 2 episodes of Series 2, [1] and the Test Card a music video. Davenport was actually on-set in England during filming, reading HAL's lines off-camera so that Dullea and Gary Lockwood could react to them. Sounding the horn twice makes the frozen person or object free again. Panza Loca Crazy Belly: When handed a mirror, Jack turns to Dr. He is a deadly gangster characterized by the huge scar on his right cheek.

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